dr-eliaz.jpgIf you want to know what truly sets Dr. Isaac Eliaz apart, just ask Bonnie Bell, a spirited survivor of Stage 4 breast cancer, who experienced a near-miraculous recovery—one that most conventional doctors would have called impossible. But with Dr. Eliaz’ guidance, her passion for life prevailed—and what was once considered an “incurable” diagnosis became another inspiring example of triumph over a deadly of diseases.

Today, Bonnie is alive, well, and in full remission. And like so many of Dr. Eliaz’ patients, she attributes her healing not only to the strength of mind and body that she has found though her struggle, but also to the carefully integrated holistic protocol that led her there—an approach to fighting her disease that embraced both modern Western medicine and the centuries-old traditions of ancient healing wisdom.

This unique synergy is the heart of Dr. Isaac Eliaz’ practice—and Bonnie is just one of many patients at Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center to have faced death and lived to tell their remarkable story. A respected author, lecturer, researcher, product formulator and clinical practitioner, Dr. Eliaz has been a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine for over twenty years now—and his contributions to the growing body of research on natural cancer treatment have been profound.

Among these many contributions is his discovery of modified citrus pectin (MCP)—a substance derived from the peel of citrus fruit that has proven to be one of the most promising breakthroughs in integrative oncology to date. Not surprisingly, it was also an integral part of Bonnie Bell’s treatment.

Research has revealed that cancerous cell communications are dependent upon a class of sticky cell surface proteins called galectins—a primary target in the search for new and effective cancer therapies. If these galectins can be bound and their communication cut off, then the growth and spread of cancer will be essentially disarmed. MCP is a modified form of ordinary citrus pectin, altered by means of a cutting-edge enzymatic process to meet the ideal size and molecular weight necessary for precisely this type of cancer inhibition.

Citrus Compound Shows Compelling Clinical Results

Dozens of published studies in the past decade have been devoted to revealing the immense potential of this simple substance against a variety of cancers, including lung cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, and prostate cancer. And the latest study provides some of the most compelling results so far.

dr-eliaz-bonnie.jpgResearchers at Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany enrolled 49 patients, each with advanced state solid tumors of varying types—colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, kidney cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, liver cancer, and pancreatic cancer, among others. Each patient had completed conventional treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation without success—nearly 90 percent of the cancers had metastasized.

During the trial, patients were administered 5 grams of MCP orally, three times a day. They would later be evaluated for clinical benefit—including pain reduction, improved physical functioning, increased appetite and sleep, and reduced fatigue. At just eight weeks, the results were already overwhelmingly positive, with 20.7 percent of the patients showing an overall clinical benefit response and stabilization of disease. The results for those completing 16 weeks of treatment showed an overall clinical benefit of 42.9%.

Perhaps most remarkably, one patient with advanced hormonal refractory metastasized prostate cancer demonstrated a 50 percent decrease in PSA levels after 16 weeks, accompanied by a significant increase in clinical benefit. By the conclusion of the study, response rates continued to improve, with a majority of the patients showing improved quality of life and pain reduction.

Nutraceuticals: East Meets West, Ancient Meets High Tech, Traditional Meets Modern

Meg Jordan, health journalist and professor of Integrative Health and Medicine at the California Institute of Integrative Studies, says Dr. Eliaz’s methods allow the body’s innate healing mechanisms to be supported. “If cancer is our immune systems failing to detect cancer cells and sweep them out of our body, then allowing our immune systems to do their job with more efficiency and greater surveillance is suddenly a noble undertaking — the opposite of what chemotherapy and radiation, which acts like a big hammer, and more of a poison, taking a toll on our bodies.”

Nutraceutical is a new word referring to the wise use of nutrients in an action that is almost pharmaceutical-like within the body. Like Vitamin C, nutraceuticals, such as Bilberry extract, are derived from botanicals and sold  without a prescription.

“In the laboratory we watch closely what happens with the nutraceutical in a cellular reaction,” said Jordan. “The beauty is, what we see in the lab is so positive that going ahead and recommending their use to the general public generally has no downside.”

“We are at a tipping point now, as the evidence builds in the labs as to what these botanicals can do, and we try to educate conventional doctors,” Jordan explains.  “If we’re erring, we are erring on the side of precaution, by suggesting people replicate what is happening in the laboratory.

Medical Community Taking Notice

Dr. Eliaz would be the first to note that these impressive results don’t constitute a cure for cancer. But it is a major leap in the right direction, yielding benefits in this group of patients that were comparable to, if not better than, chemotherapy—without the adverse side effects or toxicity. The potential of MCP as part of an integrated and comprehensive approach to treating cancer is undeniable to many who’ve studied it, and the medical community at large is taking notice.

Dr. Stephen Strum, an oncologist who has devoted his practice and research to the treatment of prostate cancer, is among MCP’s greatest advocates. “My clinical experience using MCP (modified citrus pectin) in prostate cancer,” he states, “has been that it slows PSA doubling time in the majority of patients taking the standard dose of 5 grams three times per day.”

“Because this treatment is well tolerated,” he continues. “I use MCP in any situation where sustained increases in PSA may occur.”

Dr. Eliaz founded EcoNugenics in 1995 to deliver nutraceuticals to the general public beyond his practice. Meg Jordan sees value in offering these products for sale over the web to patients far and wide.

“I just got a call from my dear friend just diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer and I’m going to make sure she gets on it,” explained Jordan. “She is going to take it to her oncologist and shows them the research, saying she’d like to be on it as well.”

MCP possesses other properties that help in detoxification and chelation treatments. An upcoming article will take a look at a new study from China that recorded great success for reducing severe lead poisoning in children. (Look for part 2 of 2 in our feature on Dr. Isaac Eliaz)

For more information, contact EcoNugenics at 707-521-3370 or log onto www.econugenics.com


  1. Hey all,

    Would many of you be interested in participating in a tele-seminar with Dr. Eliaz about how we can create better health and fight disease?

    I am lining up some Great Mentors to feature on my audio series beginning next month. Isaac is willing to do it. (I forgot to mention in the article that his pateints call him Isaac!)

  2. I’m not sure what a tele-seminar is, sorry, but this was amazing to read! I would love to hear more about healthy living through holistic means. I’m in the process of putting together a blog-based group on Multiply (where my current personal blog is) that focuses on real people sharing their own current struggles with health-related issues (emphasis on weight-related). Its focus is hopefully going to be on support and helping people with information and motivation .. I definitely would love to share some of this information there, too. I love to hear about doctors who aren’t afraid to step away from “the norm” to try more natural approaches. Perhaps it’s just as I get older, but it sure seems like there is a lot more cancer out there now than I remember there being even 10 years ago. This was so interesting .. thank you!

  3. a friend just has found out she has cancer – so timely news. Sure I could take part, I don’t usually attend these as I am from the UK and it is very late, but I can for this one. I’ve been into raw foods for over a year now having read several books and experimented with different diets.

  4. Great work going on there. In my view anything that enhances the body’s ability to provide lasting energy – will help it to fight the cancer. Raw food only really works when one is on it for at least 2 days – with no cooked. No one knows why, but then most of what we know medicine is trial and error, the body is way to complex for people to think they really know what is going on.

  5. dr je williams is a great expert on the immune system, which helps cancer. Check out his books. Basically(my personal notes) :-

    zinc (no.1) 15 30 daily -> 60mg for a week to boost cold (or a bit more)

    vit c (no.2) 1550 every few hours

    echencea (no.3) tea spoon few mins

    good stuff makes tongue numb

    selinium (no.4)

    money no obejct :-

    beta-glucan (can shorten the life of a cold) 500mg a day regular, ideally catch as early as poss (know the signs of a cold) up to 1500mg a day for a week

    cats claw 250mg a day (anti viral, inflamatory, immune madulating) – better than echenaea – but use both ideally 750mg if a cold for a week

  6. yes Geminai it is on the increase. And do you know that not so long ago we hardly had ANY cancer. And that it is only the modern Western Diet with processed foods that is causing it. A great book to read is “In defense of food”

  7. all of the above for the immune system are best in their natural forms by the way (e.g. fruit and veg). They have a synergy with other ingredients in the food. Basically they are in the plant to help protect it, and they work with other compounds in the plant to do so. On one knows of all the micro nutrients in there, so they cannot yet isolate them into a pill. But take supplements too – as can get higher amounts of them this way.

  8. Waaaaait a minute, Bivvy. You read my top 10 good news of 2007, right? Cancer rates in the us are going down, across the board.

    You may be talking about other countries which are beginning to eat differently (more western junk food) whose cancer rates are rising…

    We in the US are adopting more healthy lifestyles, and are seeing the resulting healthier bodies.

  9. What a weird cooincidence, but my sister called me yesterday afternoon (we’re close but long-distance) and told me she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Wow. i told her about the article and another Good News Network article about nutrition curing cancer and told her to find an integrative doctor in her city for help. I told her to go buy that modified pectin immediately — and cut out the white flour and sugar…

    We had a nice talk and the weather was beautiful here while I walked around with phone to my ear.

  10. Andrew, maybe I could try to incorporate skype in my tele-conference… I actually was looking into it recently.

    And, my two cents is, if someone with cancer is already giving up sugar and flour and beginning to eat healthy, telling them that they must have only uncooked foods could ruin their mental attitude. We need to be happy and keep our emotional vibration up. If we feel deprived and resentful (say, we really LOOOOOVE grilled vegetables) it is better to eat what keeps your spirits up.

  11. Must have missed that one Geri. It has to be said though that the US and the West do have very bad rates of cancer compared to other countries where they eat wholefoods. Still a long way to go. And it is our diet that does it, not the genes. The good news is there – you can do something about it – by eating a wholefoods diet. It does not have to be raw foods. But when someone has cancer this is important. See below. If you love your food read in Defense of food as this book shows how you can enjoy your food and be very healthy. It’s a great read. You are right white flour and sugar- don’t even think of using them. That’s a great start. There’s a host of other stuff you should eliminate too. And can do so without sacrificing flavour. The best book for this is “The World’s healthiest foods” – tons of tasty recipies.

    I treat each person differently and get an idea for how much they will listen to. Even so – f someone has cancer – this is a VERY serious a issue. And giving up a few foods you love for a while and switching to a raw foods and juice diet really does make a massive difference. It is certainly worth looking into it and doing some research. I urge anyone with cancer or who know someone to look into jucing and raw foods. Don’t do it bc I say so, but bc you find out yourself. And look into the other methods like I mentioned above. I’ve read so many books and talked on forums with this to people. And I know myself people who have been cured personally following the diet when doctors said they had no chance. And the amazing energy a raw foods diet brings.

  12. Raw foods is pretty tasty, look into it. Lots of fruit and smoothies. All I can do is give the info, some will listen, some not. It depends where they are at. As Tolle says, accept it as it is, in the now 🙂 Also check out Sevepavlina’s latest blog if you are interested 🙂

  13. Like I say wholefoods diet is pretty cool too! Just when you have cancer, well it’s serious.

    In the new patrick swayze for example cured himself when doctors said he did not stand much chance, by jucing.


    quote from this link :-

    In addition to hospital treatment, the star is sticking to a healthy eating regime in a bid to keep the cancer at bay.

    Last month he said: “My treatments are working and I am winning the battle. I am juicing every day along with other treatments and all I can say is that it’s working fine and really well.”

  14. You don’t have to be 100% raw Geri by the way, still ok with the grill. Just add juices in. I find if actually make something for yourself and offer someone a bit in a glass – they will try it. And if they like it they will have more. A great once cancer (that is really tasty – is carrot, braocali, and cucumber).

  15. One more thought – The 2007 report is good news – as any improvement or shift in trend that is getting something better is great news. I believe this will probably keep up because the healthy foods industry and sales of the books and raw food are “rocketing” (don’t know if you use that term in the US – massive growth!!!). Great news!!!

  16. ” Plus you have no idea how much the emotional vibration, and spiritual energy, goes up when you switch to a raw foods diet”

    Bivvy, It’s not going to go up if you are resentful and angry about it and wishing for something else.

    Many people will accept and try and succeed. We can’t say “everyone” without ignoring the mental aspect of it –> which, as you know, leads to the emotional.

    Good news about Patrick Swayze!

    Also, I hve been on an Isogenix regimen for over a month now and the urge or taste for my morning decaf coffee has vanished, for some reason. I can feel the energy that these live enzymes give me. I am truly hooked. (A shake every morning now with berries and ice, protein and healthy fats — plus lots of nutrients and live enzymes…. YUM!

  17. “A shake every morning now with berries and ice, protein and healthy fats — plus lots of nutrients and live enzymes…. YUM!”

    sounds good, and it’s the best way to do it!

    Yes some people will not listen, even if they have cancer and you tell them many people have been cured. Totally agree with you. They will not even look at it. In a sad state, worried about everything. For most people just giving them a nice drink to try – and showing them reports of people that got cured – often will work. If someone has given up on life and does not want to be cured then there is obviously little you can do.

    Power vs. Force is a great read for levels of consciousness. Many are still in the victim state. It’s where they are at. We work on what we can. No point worrying about what we cannot change.

  18. Raw foods is becoming known about because of the internet. People can actually contact and see others who are trying it and see / hear of the results they are getting. Without the internet it would not be known about. It would not be taking off. I count my blessings for humanity having the internet each day. It is pushing us to a new level of awareness.

  19. This product sounds great! You should also check out another Nutraceutical company, Eniva. I love their products! Their daily multi vitamin VIBE along with ATP-Pro (patented for Fibro Myalgia treatment) helped me to completely turned around my Fibro Myalgia. http://www.eniva.com (if you make a purchase and would like to give me credit for it, my id is 300262).


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