A Kent seaside town is today alive with color after volunteers painted its drab gray steps with hues of pink, yellow, lime and violet. A local community group, Ramsgate Town Team, was inspired by a story in the Good News Network about a Turkish man painting dozens of steps in his hometown.

After getting permission from the Thanet council, the team and its helpers worked together over a long weekend painting the Augusta Steps that lead down to their pristine beach.

Photo from Ramsgate Town Team Facebook Page
Ramsgate Town Team Facebook Page

They gave each of the 120 steps a different hue, much like Mr. Huseyin Cetinel’s rainbow steps in Istanbul. Cetinel spent four days and $800 decorating a huge staircase in the town’s center.

His story was hugely popular on social media and inspired Turks to start a kind of color uprising across the country.

It spread to England too, as someone there saw the photo and story on the Good News Network .

”Inspired by your story of Istanbul’s Mr Huseyin Cetinel and his rainbow steps, we decided to inject some colour into a tired old set of stairs here,” wrote the Ramsgate Town Team on the Good News Network Facebook Page. “Hope you like them as much as we do and thanks for your ‘breath of fresh air’ page!”

See the beautiful photos of their painting project on Facebook, here and various pics here, of the many volunteers.  Read a local story in Promote-Ramsgate.com.

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