Do you know what your life’s purpose is? Is your life right now filled with meaning and happiness? Early in life, we often follow a path of ambition, competition and striving. At mid-life, we question the direction we’re heading and yearn to find our true calling.

At the age of 68, Wayne Dyer made his first film, an engaging exploration of our mid-life longing for more purpose and meaning. Through the interwoven stories of a businessman, a mother and a film director, this inspiring film shows us how to find our purpose and therefore our greatest joy.

The Shift, starring Wayne Dyer, Portia de Rossi and Michael DeLuise, is set along coastal California’s spectacular Monterey Peninsula, and explores the journey we take in the second half of life to develop our unique contribution to the world. The powerful stage of early ego constructs created in childhood by parents and society—which promotes an emphasis on achievement and accumulation—is shown in contrast to a life of purposeful, soul-directed meaning, focused on serving and giving back.

The Shift not only inspires, but also teaches. Through this inspiring film, you’ll:
• Discover how to fulfill your destiny and to live your life on purpose
• Learn how to recognize a “quantum moment”
• Understand the different ways men and women make the shift

The life of an overachieving businessman (played by Edward Kerr) is presented in contrast to that of a mother with two young children seeking her own expression in the world (Shannon Sturges). Michael DeLuise plays a film director trying to make a name for himself and actress Portia de Rossi also stars in the film.

(WATCH the trailer below)


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