A new report by university scientists proves the existence of a potential breakthrough energy source new to science, according to detail released last week.

The New Energy Foundation, a non-profit advocacy group in the U.S. believes the implications of the report should revolutionize the production of energy, and herald the beginning of a new era in science.

The comprehensive report (PDF) by scientists from Bologna University in Italy and Uppsala University in Sweden highlights a 32-day test of the energy device known as the E-Cat. Data from the test implies transmutation of one isotope to another of two separated elements, which is radical and cannot be explained by conventional science.

The test confirms that a new process involving nuclear interactions at relatively low temperatures can produce over an extended period of time continuous thermal energy in the form of high temperature heat (1400°C) that is far beyond what can be explained by any known chemical reactions. The process uses simple, low-cost elements like nickel, lithium and hydrogen reacting at high enough levels as to be easily measured and applied in the commercial world.

“I was impressed with the work that was done to insure the measurements were accurate,” said Michael Nelson, Alternate Discipline Leader for SLS Propulsion at NASA’s Propulsion Research and Development Laboratory. “Aside from the fact that this could not have been produced from any known chemical reaction, the most significant finding to me is the evidence of isotopic shifts in lithium and nickel. Understanding this could possibly be the beginning of a whole new era in both material transmutations and energy for the planet and for space exploration. This is an exciting technology to witness come about.”

ECat-slide_w_fragments-pressphotoPossible applications of this breakthrough technology include low-cost desalination of salt water, power production with no emissions, and ultimately applications in home and industry to provide power, heat, and hot water.

“It is challenging to science that these results so far have no convincing theoretical explanation, but the experimental results cannot be dismissed or ignored just because of lack of theoretical understanding,” said William Zebuhr, Chairman of the New Energy Foundation. “This report demands worldwide attention, so that our current understanding of nuclear science can be expanded.”

The non-profit New Energy Foundation provides grants to new energy researchers and publishes the bimonthly magazine Infinite Energy. For more information about the foundation and reporting on the E-Cat possibilities, visit

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  1. I really like this website, and visit it often. However, with blog postings like “I Take Cayenne Pepper Every Day and Feel 15 Years Younger” and the “Cold Fusion” article above, the site seems to be veering off the rails a little. I like my good news to be real. The authors of the “Cold Fusion” article are hoping to publish something in a peer-reviewed journal someday. Until they do, given their history (please check Wikipedia), the above article is misleading at best, fraudulent at worse, and not in keeping with other information on this otherwise excellent website.

  2. MB, until you read their detailed report at the link in the article, and explain why it isn’t perfectly legitimate, your use of the word fraudulent is misleading at best and slanderous at worse.

  3. I read the detail report, and while I don’t understand a lot of the details, I think what MB was pointing out is that this story has been around for a while, and everyone is waiting for the “proof”. I love love love your website, but I do think this one was a little….off.

  4. Dear readers, I don’t mind if you remain skeptical. I realize that the “story has been around for a while”, but this is a new report from reputable scientists at two Universities (in Italy and Sweden). I believe, no matter who is the inventor, the study is worth reporting on. My mind remains open on this and hope you can also remain open to possibilities, EVEN if they “cannot be explained by conventional science”.

  5. To GNN: There’s an old saying. “It’s good to be open-minded… but not so open-minded that your brains fall out.” Being open to new possibilities is one thing. But violations of the laws of thermodynamics do not constitute “new possibilities”; they constitute fraud. It’s easy to fool a few scientists, but not so easy to fool the entire scientific community. The truth will come out as time and the scientific method of repeated peer-reviewed experiments reveals what the truth in this matter is, whatever it may be.

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