A truck driver just happened to notice something on the side of the road and ended up saving a bald eagle’s life.

Mario Giorbano was driving through upstate New York when he spotted the eagle struggling on the ground, almost hidden in tall grass.

He stopped and ran to help the bird, thinking it was stuck in mud. But when he got closer, he realized it was injured, possibly after a car hit the raptor.wood-storks-at-sunrise-Andrea_Westmoreland-CC

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Giorbano called State Police who stayed with the bird until a pair of wildlife wildlife rehabilitators arrived  to recover the eagle and take care of it.

The bald eagle, which is America’s national bird, is no longer an endangered species, and this one is a lot less threatened thanks to a truck driver with eyes like an eagle’s.

(MORE images in slideshow below or READ more at WNYW News) – Photos from New York State Police

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