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Eddie Izzard, Britain’s “glorious” comedian known for running onstage in women’s clothes, may now also be known for running 27 marathons in 27 days.

Izzard tirelessly trekked through South Africa in scorching temperatures with each marathon representing one of the 27 years that Nelson Mandela spent in prison before becoming the country’s first black president. His route will trace the story of Mandela’s life, beginning in his birth town of Mvezo and finishing at the site where he gave his first speech after his inauguration.

Izzard completed a grueling final day Sunday–having to run two marathons after having to take an unexpected day of rest earlier in the month. He ended his race under the towering statue of Mandela in Pretoria. Cheered by spectators for his physical endurance, the runner also raised over $2.33 million for the UK charity, Sports Relief.

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Between March 18-20, the charity held its bi-annual fundraiser during which celebrities and sports heroes, as well as the British public, choose to run, cycle, swim and walk to raise money for Sports Relief.  The charity, weekend, organized by Comic Relief (known for their Red Nose Day fundraisers), announced Monday the total amount raised was a whopping $80,991,625. Half of the money collected is used to transform lives in the UK, and the other half funds projects in the world’s poorest communities.

The comedian, who is also an actor you may know from television’s The Riches, or in films like Valkyrie, and the Ocean’s series, posted a personal best for endurance, completing 707 miles in 27 days—and the final two marathons in 11 hours and 5 minutes.

The fact that he’s 54 years-old makes the feat all the more impressive.

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He’s resting up now, but still raising money. He’s auctioning a pair of the autographed running shoes used during the marathons, with all proceeds going to charity.

(WATCH the BBC video of the comedian’s success below)

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