105yo-Edythe Kirchmaier-NBC videoAt 105 years old, Edythe Kirchmaier is still as smart and engaging as she was at 65.

She is the oldest user on Facebook and for her birthday she asked for 105,000 “Likes” on the page of her favorite charity. Her Facebook friends already number 36,000 and they made her wish come true, tallying more than 124,000 “Likes” for the medical nonprofit Direct Relief.

“It’s overwhelming,” said the tech-savvy great-grandmother. “I never thought I’d make that much of an impression on people.”

She is also still driving a car — a new Honda gifted to her by an anonymous stranger after appearing on the ELLEN show. In all her decades of driving, she said, she has never gotten a ticket or citation.

(WATCH the video from TODAY or READ the story on MSNBC)

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