bicycle riding senior with runner on sidewalk-RatRodBikesOn a cycling website, a man from Minneapolis and his wife told the story of her father, a 79-year-old man with some dementia and how they taught him to ride a bike after 50 years.

“He still shovels snow and mows the grass…” but he didn’t remember what childhood bikes were for, began the post on

They practiced awhile with someone running along on each side — stopping, standing, and launching the rotation of the pedals.

“Soon he was riding faster than me running.”

The first thing the old man said was, ‘Can we ride to Dairy Queen?’ (for an ice cream)?

After riding around the block and feeling the wind in his face, his daughter asked him how he felt. He exclaimed, with uncharacteristic enthusiasm, “Terrific!”

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Thanks to Fritz Schantz for submitting the story to our Facebook Page!

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