Hillary-Sanders-Carly signs in NH primary - submitted

Media coverage of politics and political campaigns tends to focus solely on conflicts and magnify the many differences people have. But the truth is, politically active people (regardless of their ideology) ultimately share far more in common with other political activists, than with the general public.

Conservative and liberal activists feel so strongly about their core values that they are willing to stand out in the cold for hours to help elect their candidate. They often strike up conversations with their foes because they are the only ones also out standing in the snow.

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A video shot in New Hampshire captures this camaraderie, as supporters on different sides find out that they share deeper core values about civic engagement – “but from a different path,” as one campaigner noted.

Kevin Bowe is a political animal who is always one of those people holding signs. He caught the video-making bug 10 years ago and, from his home base in northern Massachusetts, has been shooting a web series on the New Hampshire Primary for the past 9 months.


“Knowing that it is very common for poll volunteers to bond across the aisle, I visited seven polling places on election day and managed to get two exchanges that demonstrated my point,” Bowe told Good News Network.

“As for the Hillary snowman…serendipity is a wonderful thing and I came across it after a wrong turn while visiting one of 7 polling places.”

(WATCH the exchanges of friendship – across blue and red chasms – from Story-crafters.com)

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