Elon Musk isn’t just a tech genius – the Tesla CEO has made headlines for taking the time to respond to a child’s letter.

This note in particular, however, had some extraordinarily good advice; advice which Musk was wise to take.

The father of a 5th grade student named Bria sent a scanned letter written by his adorable daughter to the tech genius on Twitter. In the letter, Bria made a suggestion for the notoriously ad-less company’s marketing department.

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Instead of totally avoiding advertisements all together, Tesla could hold a competition for best fan-made commercial.

“I have noticed that you do not advertise, but many people make homemade commercials for Telsa and some of them are very good,” wrote the youth. “I think that you should run a competition on who can make a the best homemade Tesla commercial and the winners will get their commercial aired.”

“You could give the winners a year of free Supercharging [the process by which Tesla drivers charge their vehicles] or a Model 3 Easter egg or something,” added Bria.

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The girl goes on to detail how much her and her father adore Tesla cars and how they are “very smart and friendly to the environment”.

To conclude the adorable – and surprisingly articulate – note, Bria expresses her plans to one day drive her own Tesla-made vehicle… after she gets her license, of course.

“I hope that when I’m older, I can drive a Tesla. It’s so sad that they cannot be sold in Michigan. It’s such a hassle to have to drive to a different state to get a car! I plan to be a politician when I grow up, and I will make sure that the government protects the environment, and Teslas can be bought anywhere.”

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Musk eventually received the letter, and expressed his adoration for the idea: “Thank you for the lovely letter. That sounds like a great idea. We’ll do it!”

The exact start date of Bria’s suggested ad campaign is unclear, but we think it is fair to say that this 5th grader has a bright future – whether it be advertising or politics.

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