An 11-year-old boy from Ontario collects a lot of money for his birthday each year, but he doesn’t run to the shopping mall to spend it. He gives it all away to those who need it more. His actions have inspired his family, including his two sisters, to do the same.

Eric Thompson first displayed his altruism in 2010 when, after learning about the devastating earthquake that had shaken Haiti, offered what money he had to his mother, Laura, who was working in support of relief efforts.



Touched by the gesture, Laura suggested he use his birthday as a means of collecting money from friends. That started a new family tradition that has grown for five years.

This year, Eric’s birthday money – which totals $500 – will help a fellow youth who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend a sports summer camp organized by McMaster University.

(READ the story in the McMaster Daily News)

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