Today is the ninth annual World Autism Awareness Day. Decreed by the United Nations in 2007, this is a day to learn more about the neural development disorder that affects approximately 1 out of every 150 children around the world — and encourage tolerance for their inability often to socialize normally through verbal and non-verbal ways. WATCH a clip of what it feels like…

Watch the one-minute video below, developed in collaboration with the autistic community to give viewers a greater understanding of what autism sometimes looks and feels like. The film aims to bridge the gap between the number of people who’ve heard of autism and the number of people who really understand what it is and what it can feel like for some people.

MORE Good News on this Date:

  • Ludwig van Beethoven‘s Symphony #1 in C was first performed as part of a public benefit concert at the Burgtheater, although reviews were decidedly cool (1800)
  • Hans Christian Andersen, the children’s author, was born in Denmark (1805)
  • The first Easter Egg Hunt for kids was held on the White House lawn (1878)
  • Rakesh Sharma is launched aboard Soyuz T-11, and becomes the first Indian in space (1984)
  • Rita Johnston, the first female Premier of a Canadian province took office (1991)
  • The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are air pollutants under the Clean Air Act (2007)

Kids race to push Easter eggs with spoons on White House lawn.

The egg-rolling race, famous to all modern White House Easter celebrations, was introduced. With spoons borrowed from the White House kitchen and hard-boiled eggs (prepared and dyed by the White House chefs), children push and roll the eggs on their way to the finish line. This year, more than 30,000 people took part in the event, with the First Family’s dog, Bo, the main attraction. (1974)

–Top photo by Norma Desmond (boy’s mom) – CC