On this day 180 years ago, pharmacists John Lea & William Perrins manufactured Worcestershire Sauce for the first time. They devised the complex recipe in Worcester, England after a nobleman of the area was eager to recreate an exciting taste he had acquired in India. From that day forward, the ingredients used to manufacture the Lea & Perrins condiment were required to mature for 18 months before being blended and bottled into the famous sauce. (1837)

The ingredient is often used in Welsh rarebit, Caesar salad, Oysters Kirkpatrick, deviled eggs, and sometimes an ingredient in chili con carne or other beef dishes. The sauce is also used to flavor cocktails such as the Bloody Mary.

MORE Good News On This Day:

  • Scientific American magazine published its first issue (1845)
  • Motown released what would be its first number one hit, “Please Mr. Postman” by The Marvelettes (1961)
  • Florence Welch, the English indie rock leader of Florence + the Machine, was born (1986)
  • Ukraine declared its independence from the Soviet Union (1991)
  • Pakistan‘s legislative house, the National Assembly, passed a constitutional amendment to make the “Qur’an and Sunnah” the “supreme law” but the bill was defeated in the Senate (1998)

MLK Adelman NPG 600pxSmithsonian

On this date in 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech envisioning racial harmony. During the March on Washington D.C. for Jobs and Freedom, he called on people to judge each other by the “content of their character.” 250,000 attended the rally and watched him on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. King described his dreams for freedom and equality which arose in a nation of slavery and hatred. With a single phrase, Martin Luther King Jr. propelled forward the Civil Rights Movement that was fighting for equality in a nation that tolerated hatred. WATCH this famous portion of the speech.  (Photo by Bob Adelman)

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