Chubby Checker By Phil Konstantin


Happy 77th Birthday to Chubby Checker, the rock and roll singer and dance pioneer who showed the world how to do “The Twist” with his 1960 hit. Billboard magazine declared the song the “biggest hit” of the 1960s. He also popularized the Limbo, another trademark dance. WATCH his appearance on American Bandstand… (1941)

American D.J. Clay Cole said, “Chubby Checker has never been properly acknowledged for one major contribution to pop culture—Chubby and the Twist got adults out and onto the dance floor for the first time. Before the Twist dance phenomenon, grownups did not dance to teenage music.”

MORE Good News on this Day:

  • Thanksgiving Day was established for the fourth Thursday in November by President Lincoln (1863)
  • The Shot Heard ‘Round the World, one of the greatest moments in baseball history, occurred when Bobby Thomson hit a ninth inning home run for the NY Giants to win the National League pennant for his team that had been down 14 games heading into the playoffs (1951)
  • Frank Robinson, an MVP and Triple crown slugger as a player, was named Major League Baseball’s first black manager by the Cleveland Indians (1974)
  • East Germany ceased to exist when its territory became part of the Federal Republic of Germany and its citizens rejoined the European Community after 45 years of postwar division—now a public holiday in unified Germany (1990)


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