Good News in History, December 21

Good News in History, December 21

sweden forestHappy Winter Solstice Day! The Solstice (or Yule) is observed in the Northern Hemisphere and China, to celebrate the moment the sun begins to shift and add more minutes of daylight to each successive 24 hour period. Also, on this date, Rondane National Park was established – Norway’s first –  as an important habitat for herds of wild reindeer. (1962)

MORE Good News on this Date:

  • Mayflower Pilgrims went ashore at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts (1620)
  • The first crossword puzzle, by Arthur Wynne was published in the New York World (1913)
  • The Irish Free State of Eire declared independence (1948)
  • The birth of the Commonwealth of Independent States was proclaimed by eleven of the 12 former Soviet republics (1991)
  • Two French reporters held hostage for 4 months in Iraq were released (2004)

Jane_Fonda_Cannes_2015-CC-Georges BiardAnd, Happy 79th Birthday to Jane Fonda! A brilliant actor and decades-long activist for women’s health issue, Fonda changed the face of fitness for women in America, introducing her Jane Fonda’s Workout on VHS and turning-on millions to exercise in their living rooms. Her book, Prime Time, written when she was 75, describes how we can strive to live in our ‘Third Act’, making the most of our senior years, and the inevitable challenges of aging. (Jane Fonda-2015, Photo by Georges Biard – CC)