seaweed on Cal beach at sunrise pier

Life is full of everyday Miracles, friends!California family-submitted by Tara Van Dyk

My son, Shane (9) was surfing with his dad’s Go Pro on Mothers day (May 2014) at Haskalls, Goleta and it somehow got loose from his board. He was so sad and felt so bad. We had everyone with us in the water looking for it and after an hour or so we gave up and accepted that it got swallowed up into the great big Ocean.

Shane has been talking about it for months and how he so wished he could get Matt another GoPro for Christmas (which did not happen).

Fast forward to the day after Christmas…. We were cleaning up the Christmas mess and I was scrolling on Facebook (on the Santa Barbara swap page) and someone posted that they had found a GoPro washed up on Ellwood Beach (2 miles down the coast) in a tidal pool.

I showed the post to Matt and laughed, knowing it was 8 MONTHS later and the chances were 1 in a million. Matt messaged the person who had found it and, surprisingly, it matched his description.gopro camera survives ocean-submitted

We went by this afternoon and picked it up. When we got home we plugged it in, and HOLY MOLY………the memory card worked, and it is OURS!


And there good people in this world.

By: Tara Van Dyk

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