A retired policeman and his former foe have joined forces to provide jobs for ex-offenders.

Officer Ray Robakowski and former gang member Jacob Maclin were bitter enemies through multiple arrests over a decade. But that changed eight years ago when Maclin turned his life around — with Robakowski’s help.

The cop helped Maclin get a job with Community Warehouse — a Milwaukee non-profit home improvement business that puts ex-convicts to work while teaching them job skills.sm-policeman-helps-10k-runner-FB-Daniel_Carlton_Jr

‘Angel’ Policeman Helps Woman Who Lost 200 Pounds Finish a 10K


Ironically, years later, when Robakowski went looking for something to do after he retired from the police force, he came to see the manager at Community Warehouse — it was his one-time enemy, and now long-time friend.

Together, they’ve helped more than a dozen former criminals turn their lives around.

(WATCH the CBS News video above or READ the story via the Bradley Foundation) – Photo: CBS video

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