Expedition Hope is a program to raise awareness and funds while helping to erase the stigma of depression through recognition generated by the rare accomplishment of climbing the Seven Summits, the highest mountain on each continent. Its founder, Joe Lawson, is an Indianapolis native and accomplished mountain climber and adventurer who was 16 when his father, Virgil, 50, committed suicide after years of battling depression. Expedition Hope is dedicated to Virgil and others like him…


Joe firmly believes the sport of mountain climbing serves as an analogy for persons battling depression and other mental illnesses. As he explains, “In mountain climbing, one needs the ability to overcome many challenges, to eliminate obstacles and to adapt to constant changes. These same challenges are true for persons battling depression and other mental illnesses, and for the loved ones who live with and care for them as well.”

As the kick-off to Expedition Hope and with the support of Eli Lilly & Company, Joe embarked on an expedition to Mt. McKinley (Denali), the highest mountain in North America, in May 2005. Joe did this not only in memory of his father, but also for the millions of other people like him. (Expedition Hope)

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