It was a cheery highway of sunflowers throughout the summer, planted in memory of a farmer’s wife who died of cancer.

But the turning of seasons meant the flowers would die too. Their seeds, however, like memories live on — and raise money for others with cancer.

Babbettes Sunflowers screenshot KAREDon Jacquish lost his wife Babbette one year ago. In the spring, he planted acres and acres of her favorite flower— four-and-a-half miles of sunflowers along both sides of a Wisconsin highway (pictured at left). It was Don’s living tribute to the love of his life.

The blossoms faded and turned brown as autumn settled in. Don used his combine harvester to roll across the stalks collecting every seed he could from the crop, and dropping some tears along the way.

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Babbettes Seeds of Hope screenshot KAREThe seeds were bagged and sold as “Babbette’s Seeds of Hope” (pictured at right) to raise money for hospitals, cancer research, and patient advocacy. His bright, yellow memorial to Babbette may be gone with the seasons, but it leaves a harvest of hope to others with cancer.

(WATCH the video by KARE News below) — Photos: KARE; Brad Mikelson

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