Photo by Wild By Nature Photography

When a mother fox got hit by a car back in March, a young English farmer stopped to make sure she was okay – and even though she did not survive the collision, her pups are alive and thriving thanks to his quick actions.

24-year-old Chris Rolfe had been driving back to his home in Haywards Heath, West Sussex when he saw the vixen get hit by a passing car.

He immediately pulled over to the side of the road so he could check on the fox.

Unfortunately, the mother was killed on impact – but then Chris noticed movement in her stomach.

Photo by Wild By Nature Photography

Based on his experiences with farm animals, Chris knew the fox was pregnant with cubs. He immediately performed an emergency C-section on the dead vixen so he could pull out all four of her unborn cubs.

After he rescued the cubs, Chris brought them to his mother Jean.

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In addition to being the artistic mastermind behind Wild By Nature Photography, Jean has also cared for a number of baby hedgehogs, rabbits, foxes, and other young critters.

The mother-son duo cleaned up the cubs, swaddled them in blankets to keep them warm, and then began feeding them puppy milk every twenty minutes.

Photo by Wild By Nature Photography

Thanks to Chris’s intervention and Jean’s constant care, the four fox cubs are healthy and almost fully-grown.

“Chris wasn’t expecting them to survive, but he wanted to try,” Jean told BBC. “It’s miraculous they did.”

The foxes, which were named Ginger, Biscuit, Little-Tip, and Big-tip, have garnered their fair share of social media fame since Jean began posting photos of their adorable antics to her photography Facebook page.

Photo by Wild By Nature Photography

The cubs just reached 7 weeks old, and though Jean says she will be sad to see them go, she eventually plans on handing the foxes over to The Fox Project, a charity that has rescued and rehabilitated over 900 foxes.

The foxes will be given to the nonprofit once they reach 10 weeks of age at the end of May. After that, the cute critters will be properly reintroduced into the wild.

(WATCH the video below)

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