Do you believe in fate? Soul mates? Divine Intervention?

Famed surfing dog Richochet, who rides the waves with disabled or special needs children and veterans, last week formed a heartwarming threesome with two teens who were destined to meet.

Both boys have the same name, the same age, and the same heart condition. Both families wrote to Surf Dog within a day of each other.

These “cosmic cousins” are both named Jacob. They are both 19 years old, born 25 days apart. They both have Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. They are both critically ill and need life saving heart transplants. Jacob Kilby lives in San Diego, and Jacob Jumper lives in Houston. The two families contacted Ricochet for assistance within 24 hours of each other (and the similarities don’t stop there).

The Surf Dog arranged for donated airfare and hotel rooms to bring together these two critically ill teens to surf on one board as “one perfect heart.”

The story is important because there is an overwhelming shortage of donors. Each day, 18 people in the United States die while waiting for organ transplants. Right now, more than 120,000 patients are on the waiting list in the United States.

Watch the video below and become inspired to make sure that everyone in your family is registered as an organ donor. REGISTER HERE.

Read more about how Judy Fridono and her surfing service dog helped bring these two boys together at

Images by Rachel Jones Photography


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