fences-for-fido-charity.jpgThis all-volunteer group is not quite one year old, and it has already built 50 fences and freed more than 60 dogs from chains. It started with a group of women who wanted to do something to help dogs. They formed Fences for Fido and planned to build one fence a month for a needy dog somewhere in the Portland area. But the idea captivated everyone who heard of it. Within months, the group’s volunteer ranks grew to several hundred and volunteers were building six fences a month all over Oregon.

Volunteers approach families with a simple offer: to give them a free fence, free veterinary care or spay/neuter as needed, and a free insulated dog house. Some fence recipients become the organization’s biggest fans, volunteering to help build fences for other clients.

For more info, visit www.fencesforfido.org

(READ the article in  PortlandUpside.com)



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