Photo by US Coast Guard

Every single crew member who was aboard this capsized cargo ship has been rescued and brought to safety thanks to the quick response of the US Coast Guard.

Shortly after the Golden Ray vessel set sail from a Georgia port on Sunday evening, it overturned and caught fire. Rescuers worked through the night in order to rescue two dozen crew members from the vessel, but the fires eventually prevented them from searching for any more crew members—and there were four sailors who were still unaccounted for.

However, responders were relieved to discover that the men were safe after they heard them tapping from inside the engine room.

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Three of the remaining sailors had been trapped in the lower half of the ship while the fourth crew member was stuck in a separate glass room without any food or water.

With temperatures on the surface of the ship climbing to 120ºF (49ºC), rescuers managed to drill a 3-foot hole into the side of the vessel so they could haul the sailors to safety—and despite spending more than 30 hours in swelteringly harsh conditions, the sailors were checked over by medical personnel and declared to be in good health.

The Golden Ray, which measures in at 656 feet long and 106 feet wide, had been shipping automobiles to South Korea. Though it is unknown how many vehicles were lost in the accident, rescuers are happy to report that all of the crew members are safe and accounted for.

The US Coast Guard says they will now begin tackling the removal of the vessel from the water.

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