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There seems to be a piece that is missing in some folks’ lives, preventing them from being all they can be to their community, their family, and most importantly, themselves. It is different things to different people, but the common theme is not money or property or how good they look in the mirror. It comes down to who they are as human beings.

Many of us feel less-than-worthy or just plain invisible to anyone. We can’t seem to make the right decisions or choices and that usually means we end up in heartbreak or just plain broke. Many of us have overcome early images that we did not like and grew beyond what we thought we could become. We must spread the word that this can be done, and without paying $19.95 in three easy installments, shipping and handling not included.

EVERYONE can feel the joy that comes with self-confidence, self-esteem, or whatever “self” you want to conjure up. Look straight into your own eyes. Are you seeing someone you can be proud of, someone whose friends know they can count on, someone who doesn’t first think, ME, ME, ME? If not, know that everyone can get there, and when you do, cast a glow of joy on everyone around them. It isn’t easy to STAY there, but once you have the directions, you can get back to it, no navigation needed.

It seems funny to think that, to be a better you, involves NOT thinking of you. Just consider it. What makes YOU, you? It isn’t the person, it’s what the person DOES. Think of anyone real quick and you will see what I mean…

Mother Theresa…. charity and love of all humanity
Barack Obama…. President of the United States, great speaker
Bill Cosby…. his work in comedy, on TV, and of course, Jell-O pudding pops
Donald Trump…. greed, self-promotion, bad hair…(maybe he wasn’t a good example!)
Warren Buffet…. investor and adviser to Presidents, philanthropist, needs new truck

It’s what we DO that makes us, so why not try and DO something that touches your heart and brings out the passion in your life?

It would appear that the greatest joy we have in common as human beings is in making others feel better, even if only for a moment. How will we go about this lofty goal? Are there words of encouragement that will spark a change in someone? I doubt it. Is there a pill to take that will wash away all doubt an individual has in himself? Nope. The only way I know is to talk to people, ask them about their life. What have they done? Where did they meet their spouse? What is their passion? What are they most proud of? Take an interest without having ulterior motives. It’s an easy thing to do. People are fascinating, if you just take the time to listen.

Sometimes we need reminded how terrific we are. We take for granted the good things we do and torture ourselves for the mistakes that naturally happen to us as flawed human beings. To understand – we WILL make bad decisions, we will turn left when we should turn right. We will have accidents along the way. The way successful folks handle these situations is simple – accept what they have done and LEARN from it. Pull a positive out of the cloud of shame we may feel. As long as we can do that, no error is too great that it should cripple us forever. We CAN grow as a human being, despite all that stands in our way!

The perfect scenario is that a person realizes on their own, they are ok. They don’t need Dr Phil, Dr Oz, or Dr Doolittle. They see the good in themselves and also face the shortcomings AND WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! They can’t understand why they suddenly see it but they do. There comes a moment of clarity. Grab it!

No matter which person WE are, we ALL can win.

You don’t even need a lottery number.

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