Erik Gaines had not only broken several of his bones after falling off of a ladder hanging Christmas lights – he and his family had seriously fallen out of the Christmas spirit.

The firefighters who answered Erik’s 911 call, however, believed otherwise.

While Erik was being cared for in the hospital, Shawn Erwin and other firefighters of the Puyallup, Washington squad decided to finish the job and put up the rest of the Christmas lights for the Gaines family.

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The crew spent more than an hour navigating the rooftops, attaching the bulbs to the gutters, and carefully climbing the ladder that Erik had just used.

“It makes me feel amazing,” Gaines, who is being treated for his injuries at Good Samaritan Hospital, told KING5. “It makes me feel that much more tied into the community, like we’re all looking out for one another.”

(WATCH the video below)


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