Researchers of the Federal University of Sao Carlos have developed a type of flexible bioglass that is capable of regenerating tissues and speeding up healing processes like never before.

”It cures wounds in the skin, then the glass is absorbed by the body. The new glass reduces the rates of infection and eliminate bacterias” Professor Edgar Zanotto, one of the lead researchers of the project, told G1. “It’s a glass that heals – this material is an absolute breakthrough.”

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“This bioactive glass chemical compound are similar to the glass of a regular window, but in different concentration of chemicals and this is what changes the reaction in the body”, explained Marina Souza, another researcher.

The bioglass is applied directly onto the skin, covering the wound. The material is able to absorb blood while regenerating the injuries. Since the glass had good results during animal testing, human trials will begin in 2017.

“The results with burning wounds are really exciting. Plus, we can use in very complex angles of the body and the glass fits like a glove,” says Marina.

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