airline_funnies_flight_attendant_Southwest-vidAirlines have tried various strategies over the years to gain passengers’ attention during the safety announcements. Delta and others have produced elaborate videos. Entertainment, though, seems to work the best.

How about a comedy stand-up routine?

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant, who delivered what sounded like a professional comedy monologue during her in-flight announcements, earned a huge round of applause from everyone on the plane.

Posted on YouTube by the hilarious Marty Cobb herself, the video has tallied more than a million views since it was posted on Saturday.

Good News Network viewers might remember the 2009 musical performance by another Southwest employee, David Holmes, who delivered his announcements while rapping.

(WATCH the video below )


April 23 UPDATE: It didn’t take long for Marty to end up on the Ellen TV Show. Digeneres was so grateful for her ability to uplift travelers’ moods that she surprised her with a big gift! WATCH it here.


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