It was only a matter of time… Marty Cobb, the Southwest Airlines flight attendant who had become an internet sensation with her comedic timing during the in-flight safety announcements, was invited to a bigger stage — not to perform but to be rewarded.

Ellen Degeneres invited the woman from Dallas to come on her daytime talk show after a video of her performance tallied more than ten million views on YouTube.

Ellen told the audience how much she admired flight attendants for the hard and “thankless” work they perform, often for crabby customers.

A comedian herself, Ellen then extolled the virtue of bringing joy into the lives of people around you. Impressed by the way Cobb did that through comedy, the show had prepared a reward.

She told the audience that Cobb is a single mom raising three teenagers, with one of them in college. Even with their mom being gone a lot, the three teens still turned into great young adults.

Watch the video below to see the many gifts the family will bring back to Texas.


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