Grandmother Flower Girls Courtesy Ashley Elizabeth Photography

When a Pennsylvania couple got married, they recruited two of the cutest flower girls ever — their grandmothers.

Josh and Maggie Wakefield say their grandparents played big roles in their upbringing and wanted them to play an important part in their big day.

So, at the start of the wedding ceremony, 75-year-old Joyce Benedict, the bride’s grandmother, and 74-year-old Drue Fitzgerald, the groom’s, spread rose petals down the aisle.

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The two were captured on film by Ashley Elizabeth Photography, decked out in matching gray gowns they had selected together.

Later that night, Benedict was seen dancing the night away at the wedding reception with her husband of 56 years — a scene Maggie hopes she and Josh will one day recreate at their grandchildren’s wedding.

(WATCH the video below from Inside Edition) — Photo: Ashley Elizabeth Photography

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