ww-flying-gal-family-photo.jpgOn Wednesday, more than six decades after their service, the nation’s first “fly girls” were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal at a ceremony in the U.S. Capitol.

The highest honor Congress can give civilians was awarded to the women who made history signing up to serve in the Women Airforce Service Pilots, or WASP.

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Ethel Jones Sheffler stands in front of a Stearman trainer during her WASP service in World War II. (Family photo)



  1. A few years back, I read a book (the title escapes me) about women pilots who tested and trained for space travel, NASA-style, in the 60’s.
    At least one of these women had flown military planes across the country during the war, and most if not all of them had gone out on their own to learn how to fly. Their astronaut training and testing went well, sometimes scoring higher than the male candidates. Their stories are fascinating, considering the era in which they accomplished their dream of being a pilot.

  2. Great story- my grandpa is a veteran of World War II, and I respect everyone who served in that war and all wars (including the one in Iraq and Afghanistan) so much (men and women alike). Please say a prayer for my grandpa that he is happy and healthy for many years to come- thanks, drive safe, and God bless you all!:-)

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