This simple procedure has had a dramatic impact on women who have had to repeatedly suffer the heartbreak of miscarriage.

Many miscarriages and premature births are caused by weakened cervixes. The surgical solution is a simple but effective operation called a cervical cerclage procedure – or a cervical stitch.

The procedure works by sewing a number of stitches – also known as a “suture” – into and around the cervix in order to strengthen it against the physical stresses of early pregnancy. The suture is then removed prior to birth, once the risk of a miscarriage has passed; and the surgery doesn’t even leave a scar.

For the women who elect to have the surgery, about 90% of them are finally able to carry their baby full term.

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“The procedure itself works really, really good,” Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, a specialist of Gynecologic Oncology, told WMC News. “It provides a lot of hope for these women as they have a really good shot at achieving pregnancy that will last.”

The medical procedure was recently made available through the Baptist Medical Group in Memphis, Tennessee, and it has already become a saving grace for women facing possible miscarriage.

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Mother-to-be Andranika Arnett, says she is finally hopeful about her pregnancy after she opted to have the procedure in October. After enduring four miscarriages due to a weakened cervix, Arnett had reached a low point, wondering if she’d ever be able to successfully bear a child – but now, she is confident that everything will go to plan.

“Since I have had this surgery, nothing can keep me down,” Arnett told the news outlet. “Nothing is stressing me out. I am happy about this.”

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