hugs sign Times Square

This video, posted on You Tube four days ago, documents a “Free Hugs” campaign staged in a busy pedestrian square in Sydney, Australia.

Juan Mann’s sole mission is to hug strangers to brighten their lives.

Police officials ordered the Free Hugs campaign stopped. Then, a surprising and heartwarming reprise for the “hugs” man.


  1. I found out some things since posting this…
    1) shot in Melbourne, Australia

    2) Good Morning America did a piece on Free Hugs campaigns here in US on the same day.

    3) This was shot to go with the song to be a promotional music video for the band.

    People are asking each other, as a result, if they would or could hug a stranger.

    For me, I’ve done it a hundred times and it’s very powerful.

    I do understand (and empathize) that some people do not like to hug those they hardly know, and I can tell who they are and so leave them untouched.

  2. Moved to tears
    Our world needs to view more scenes like this than what the news media brings us on a daily basis. Maybe because of what is going on in the world right now, this video moved me to tears.

  3. Go hugs!
    Actually Geri, it was shot in Sydney in Pitt ST Mall, please get your facts right. (related article:  This guy has been doing this for ages and it’s about time people paid attention. You can see from the clip how happy it makes people!  One comentor said that if they saw Mr Mann, they would give him a big hug… Why wait? Start the trend where you live!  Share the love people!

  4. Banned hugs???
    Why in the world would they try to BAN hugging in the first place? He wasn’t hurting anyone – just the opposite! What was the point of that?


    I’m glad they got that straightened out.

    Goddess Bless!
    Little Druid

  5. free hugs””
    what a wonderful feeling a simply short hug can give you.
    talk to a elderly person-give them just a couple minutes of you busy life! you will almost feel the same feeling they get when they are hugged. what a wonderful clip-gave me chills and made me cry with joy!

  6. I have loved this video since the first time I saw. I have it featured on my MySpace page under “dayzeejoy”. It’s very inspirational and I’ve received a lot of positive comments about it. Like the saying goes, “Love makes the world go ’round!” ~Joy

  7. If I remember correctly, it has been scientifically proven that people need at least three hugs a day in order to maintain their mental health. This guy should be getting paid! Saves money on psych counseling!

  8. My kids and I have done something similar over the years- when we are out driving, we smile and wave enthusiastically to oncoming traffic as we pass. They may think we are crazy but it always gives them a smile so that perhaps they arrive home with a smile instead of a kick for the dog!

  9. Leo Buscaglia lives. I have done this many times and the reactions are generally positive, with many people being overjoyed that a stranger would be willing to give a neutral hug. Join the movement and hug someone. I could use one…. oh yea you give a hug you get one in return.

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