freekibble.jpgA young Oregon girl has started an online movement to feed some unexpected victims of a failing economy, abandoned dogs. Like,, donates a small amount of food every day that you come to the website and click. A Bow-Wow Trivia question appears every day.

Whether you answer correctly or not, and its corporate sponsor provide 20 pieces of kibble to animal shelters — a total of 500 pounds of food in the month of May, 5 million pieces of kibble since April 1.

Editor’s note: Thanks to Kippy for submitting the link!


  1. More than welcome .. yay! I had all my blog regulars clicking and sharing the news yesterday, too. 🙂 My new website is in the works, and I’ll have a banner for both kibble pages on my site. Glad there will be more clicks as of today!

  2. i live in a third world country where people starve everyday. nonetheless, there are many animals that suffer exactly the same condition and worse because they are forced to leave wherever they are all the time. they don’t even have a place to die. point is, when living beings suffer there is no difference worth fighting about. it looks the same and it feels the same.

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