brainNeuroscience has once again shown that selfless giving has its root in human nature: People do it because it feels good.

Researchers found "the warm glow that accompanies charitable giving has a physiological basis" in the brain…


Giving to strangers, while expecting nothing in return, elicits euphoria from the same reward centers in the brain that dole out dopamine and oxytocin, the natural hormones secreted during enjoyment of food, sex, drugs, love, money and nursing of infants… (The Economist)


  1. Psychological basis..?
    The psychological basis comes from the internal spirit of God that takes joy in his creation loving and giving to each other. Even still, it is good to see that ‘science’ is now finding that ‘goodness’ or doing good deeds, will create a happiness that is beneficial for us. (Though realting it to drugs..?)

  2. Physiological… not Psychological.
    physiological, meaning in our physical bodies.

    To fit your beliefs, you could say, what better way for god to create a human than to hard-wire it in the brain that it FEELS good to be generous” — smart guy

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