Today is George Clooney’s 55th birthday, a perfect moment to take a look at what the prankster has been up to.

One of our favorite bits on modern late night talk shows is Carpool Karaoke on “The Late Late Show”.

James Corden invites guests, like Adele, to sing along with music on his car stereo as he drives around. On Wednesday, his passenger was the singer Gwen Stefani, which was fun enough already, but when James is ready to go into the carpooling HOV-4 lane, he needs a couple people for the backseat.

Who better than Julia Roberts and Clooney?

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Watch them hop in and belt out songs from Queen and Stefani in this hilarious segment.

(The two superstars join James and “The Voice” coach, at 5:44 minutes in)

(Photos: CBS)

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