Clooney Social Bite (3) screenshot ITV News

Actor George Clooney invited a few hundred people to grab a sandwich and help the homeless in Scotland.

The movie star and social activist responded to an invitation to stop by Social Bite, a sandwich shop in Edinburgh, Scotland that hires the homeless and donates all it’s profits to charity.

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Shop co-founder Josh Littlejohn sent Clooney an invitation to stop by after helping raise money for the actor’s pet project, human rights in Sudan.

The Hollywood legend not only took him up on the offer, but attracted a crowd of potential customers on the street outside.


Clooney snapped a few selfies with the Social Bite staff inside, and praised their good work. AP reports he spent $1,000 – to buy meals for the needy, and bought a sandwich from himself himself.

“This place is great,” he said, drumming his hands on the counter and ordering food. “Fantastic, guys!”

(WATCH the ITV News video below) – Photo: ITV News

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