birthday check Marina Andric-partyMarina Andric of Frankfurt, Germany, was about to turn the big 3-0 when she read the Good News Network story about the 22 year old girl who did 22 acts of kindness on her birthday.

“When I read it I felt inspired to do something great for my birthday and after a few evenings of brainstorming I had an idea,” she said.

She threw a birthday party in Germany and Africa at the same time!

After disclaiming all presents for her 30th birthday, Andric collected money instead. She then had cake delivered to an organization in Ghana that educates street children in an Accra slum. On a Skype call, she and her friends were able to celebrate with the children and volunteers at the Street Children Empowerment Foundation 4,193 miles away.

Map-Frankfurt to Ghana“During my stay as a volunteer entrepreneur at Hub Accra this summer, I met many great young persons who became my friends,” Andric told the Good News Network. “When I got the idea to have some cake delivered to the kids of SCEF on my birthday, a motivated group of friends supported this plan and made it actually happen.”

“On my birthday my local friends executed the full plan and made a short video so we could share the story afterwards, and inspire more people to do kind acts on their birthdays.”

Not only did the children get to enjoy cake and a party, but the dedicated directors of the Empowerment Hub received a check from Marina for $823 (€604).

The Ghanan NGO makes sustainable improvements in the lives of more than 150 street children in the Jamestown area, providing school fees, supplies (school bags, school uniforms, exercise books, note books, text and story books) and meeting any requirement to help in their education. Special theme based events and activities enrich their perspectives and give them a universal view of the world.

The birthday party undoubtedly instilled a memory of German generosity.

“A great idea becomes even better when you find people supporting it,” said Marina, summing up the day. “To give is to gain.”

WATCH the party in the video below…

Marina’s big 30th Birthday party – one Birthday, two countries Accra, Ghana and Frankfurt Germany from MarinaA.

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