tree-elm-giant-cutA massive elm tree, 217 years old and the largest left in New England, finally succumbed to Dutch elm disease and had to be cut down earlier this year.

But, “Herbie,” as the town of Yarmouth affectionately called the 110-foot-tall giant, is leaving a lasting legacy thanks to local artisans who were given segments of the tree to craft into decorative items, bowls and cutting boards.

The keepsakes, which are in high demand — including high-end furniture, baseball bats, and even an electric guitar — went up for auction last night in Maine.

wooden bowls fashioned from giant felled oak named "Herbie"“What the town is doing with the Herbie project is phenomenal,” said a local craftsman. “It has been an economic boom for the state.”

The tree’s legacy doesn’t stop there: money from the artisan sales will go to the Yarmouth Tree Trust to purchase and plant new trees in town.

(READ an AP story, w/ photo of guitar, at SeaCoastOnline)

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