Luke Jerram, the English artist who inspired public installations of street pianos in London and New York City has created a day of unforgettable fun for the city of Bristol — and you don’t have to play piano to participate.

On Sunday a massive slip and slide was installed for people to ride and splash down the middle of a closed road, using 300 feet of hillside (95m) on Park Street.

96,573 people signed up for their chance to get a ‘ticket to slide’, as part of Bristol’s Make Sunday Special and the Art Weekender. 360 lucky winners mounted inflatable rafts and sped down the slide.

Like many of Jerram’s projects, people on the street become the performers.

“Nobody is going to be able to drive down Park Street again without thinking that this is a place you can enjoy yourself,” said a friend of the artist.

Participants, ages 5 to 73 years old, raced down the wet slide into a series of hay bails. The city deemed the activity safe after a detailed look at the process.

Luke has no plans to tour the project. But to enable anyone around the world to create their own ‘urban slide’, instructions — including documents describing the permissions process — will be released to those who leave their email on Lots of photos on that link too.

(WATCH the video)


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