lemonade stand against slaveryIt’s been more than 300 days since 9-year-old Vivienne Harr of California first started selling lemonade in an effort to help end child slavery. Having collected $500,000 in donations, Vivienne and her family are taking her business to the next level by bottling the precious product for the masses.

The proceeds from Vivienne’s Make A Stand Lemon-aid and its online equivalent, www.makeastandlemonade.com, go to Free the Slaves; Not For Sale; the Nepal Youth Foundation; and GEMS: Girls Educational and Mentoring Services.

“People are buying a teaching moment. It’s not just lemonade,” her father, Eric Harr said.

— READ the story in the Marin Independent Journal

— WATCH Vivienne’s video below

Thanks to Roberta Seifert for submitting the link!


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