Afa Lins gets job for helping homelessIn a striking example of poetic justice, a Massachusetts teenager who says she was fired from 7-Eleven for giving a cup of coffee to a homeless man has landed a new job within days—at a homeless-services organization.

“My lesson learned is that good deeds pay off,” Ava Lins, 19, tells Yahoo. “Do what you believe is the right thing, and stand up for what you believe in. Only good things will come of it.”

(READ the story from Yahoo News)

Facebook photo by Ava
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  1. Compassion is good. But she was not the owner of the coffee unless she paid for it. Neither was it very nutritious compared to real food. All she had to do was pay for it. He wasn’t a freeloading cop. Neither was the store owner at all compassionate. I’m glad this young lady now has a new job that is more in line with her feelings toward others. And I hope she will always be safe!

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