Prom night prince at burger joint-ImgurA gallant young man working at a burger joint saved a heartbroken teen from one of the most humiliating nights of her life as she was stood up on prom night.

All dressed up in a gorgeous orange gown, Kelsey Baker would have stayed home after getting the dreaded last-minute text message, but her mom dragged her to Jim’s Hot Dogs and Hamburgers to show-off how she looked to her aunt.

Bryan Hayes, 18, was working that Saturday night.

“She came into my work crying because her prom date stood her up the night of,” he said on Reddit, the social sharing site. “She left smiling because I had a customer play music while I danced with her in front of everyone.”

He posted the photo, too, and later a local North Carolina news crew caught up with him and Kelsey, who said, “He made my horrible night turn into the best… like, amazing, night.”

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