Step aside, Cookie Crisps: there’s a new breakfast cereal coming into town.

General Mills announced this week that they will be making Girl Scout Cookie themed cereals with Thin Mint and Caramel Crunch flavors, the second of which will be based off of Samoas.

The treats won’t be released until January, but cookie junkies are already hyping up the release on social media since the box’s design was previewed on the Candy Hunting Instagram page.

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While Girl Scout Cookies are still working on phasing GMOs out of their ingredients lists and using ethically-sourced cocoa, the seasonal pastries are made sustainably with intentionally recyclable materials. Plus, any of the cookies that the girls aren’t able to sell go to local food pantries and shelters – and you’re empowering your neighborhood girl groups.

“When you buy cookies from a Girl Scout, you are investing in so much more than a box of treats,” says the company’s website, “you are investing in a girl’s future and the future leadership of our country. Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls learn five essential life skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.”

The company has not yet announced whether more flavors will be released, however more information will be published closer to the roll-out date.

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