Hilton Worldwide’s industry-leading parental leave policies now cover both hourly and salaried Team Members at Hilton’s owned and managed properties, as well as the company’s corporate offices. The new policies represent the best parental leave benefits offered by any major global hospitality company in the United States and Puerto Rico.

The benefits available to Team Members at owned and managed hotels and corporate offices with one year of service or greater include:

  • All new parents – including fathers and adoptive parents – receive two weeks of fully paid parental leave.
  • New mothers who give birth receive an additional eight weeks of maternity leave, for a total of 10 weeks of fully paid leave.

Hilton remains committed to creating an environment that supports balance between work and family for its Team Members across all areas of the company. Hilton’s hourly Team Members in the U.S., who account for approximately 75 percent of the company’s U.S. workforce, will be covered under these new parental leave policies.

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The newly-implemented parental leave policies are just one example of Hilton’s commitment to offering benefits that provide greater personal and professional flexibility to Team Members. In 2015, Hilton announced a new GED Assistance program to help Team Members in the U.S. earn their high school equivalency. In addition, the company introduced 10-day advanced scheduling for hourly Team Members and continued to expand remote workforce opportunities.

“When our Team Members feel great about where they work, it is reflected in the exceptional experience that they provide to our guests,” said Matt Schuyler, Chief Human Resources Officer, Hilton Worldwide. “We are proud to continue driving significant change in our industry by introducing parental leave policies that reflect our strong support for all Hilton Team Members and their families.”

(Source: Hilton)

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