closet of clothes by sideshowmom via MorguefileEveryone in the UK is being asked to clear out their drawers, wardrobes and cupboards – and take their excess clothing and accessories to the clothing retail chain TK Maxx anytime in April, to contribute towards the fight against kids’ cancer.

Since 2004, the annual campaign, Give up Clothes for Good, has raised a whopping £10 million, with hopes this year to raise an additional £2.5 million for Cancer Research UK.

All the donated clothes, accessories and homeware will be sold in the 550 Cancer Research UK shops with proceeds going toward finding a cure for children’s cancer.

Bag up clothes, shoes, books, DVDs and CDs and homeware items – all in good condition – and take them to their nearest branch of TK Maxx for this month only. Donation bags are available in all TK Maxx stores, although any bags are welcome.

The campaign has the backing of celebrities such as Charlotte Church and former Spice Girl Mel C, who have appeared in ads and pledged to donate some of their own clothing.

Find more info at Give Up Clothes for Good.

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Photo by sideshowmom via Morguefile

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