globalloveday.jpgUsing the theme, Love Begins With Me, Harold Becker is leading the sixth annual celebration of humanity known as Global Love Day. 40 participating events are listed around the world and Free Music Downloads offered to honor the May 1 Love Day.

Together, over 25 music artists are offering special music downloads for free on Global Love Day as a gift of love and inspiration for all. Today only, enjoy free access to participating artists beginning at 12:01AM (GST) on the Light Euphoric website with the following link:

How to Participate:

Join the Global Love Day on social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Care2, Gaia, and others. The organizers made a special website on here where you can share your pictures, videos, blog ideas or simply interact with people from over 111 countries.

Text, Tweet, Blog, and Chat your messages of unconditional love to friends and family and let them know you love them – and tell them about Global Love Day too.  Email and tweet us throughout the day to let us know how you are sharing the love.

With the people nearby, share your hugs, smiles, forgiveness and compassion, letting them know that love is indeed possible and present right here and now.

Links, ideas and updates can also be found at

(Note, some of the source material has been removed by the source)


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