This crowdfunding company doesn’t just rely on their community of 25 million donors to raise money for nonprofits, projects, and innovators in need – they’re just as ready to open their hearts and wallets to the very campaigns they host.

GoFundMe, the world’s largest social fundraising platform in the world, has been giving away over $100,000 a month through their Gives Back program. Each company employee chooses a different campaign that they think deserves a boost for the month. Then the website donates $1,000 to that fundraiser in their honor. This month’s annual donation will land on Giving Tuesday.

“In a year of dramatic news, we’ve seen such a hunger for uplifting stories of people helping other people out,” GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon told the Good News Network. “And what’s been most incredible is how more and more people are inspired to start campaigns when they’ve seen what a difference they can make.”

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In addition to the philanthropic program, the company is asking people to celebrate Giving Tuesday by creating crowdfunding pages for community improvement projects, charities, or just people in need.

If the organizer uses the hashtag #GoBeyondGiving, the campaign will be entered for a chance to win a $10,000 surprise donation on December 9th, alongside the corporation’s monthly $1,000 donations to the staff’s favorite pages.

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Since the platform’s launch in 2010, over $3 billion has been raised for campaigns in need – Solomon hopes, however, that the contest will drive even more people to start and contribute to meaningful causes during the holiday seasons.

“There is a positive, viral effect to starting GoFundMes, and we’re thrilled to see more folks out there realize they have the power to change someone’s world. That’s why we’re challenging everyone to look around their community to see how they can #GoBeyondGiving by starting a GoFundMe.”

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