delivering-food.jpgPast research has shown that when we watch others lend a helping hand, we feel inspired and uplifted. Few studies, however, have actually looked at whether or not the inspiration, in turn, leads us to act altruistically as well, after witnessing the good deeds.

Now, according to a new study based on two separate experiments, people who watch inspirational clips from the Oprah Winfrey Show not only feel uplifted. They are more likely to commit to helping others, and spend  time actually doing a “good deed.”

I guess the TV commercials from Liberty Mutual insurance, were factual as well as inspirational. When you see someone perform a kind act, it inspires you to be more considerate that day, too. WATCH one of their TV spots below.

READ about the University of Cambridge studies at


  1. If we all do a small good thing, just one small kind act per day,it adds to the greater good. On the suggestion of a fellow trainer, I ordered free “smile” cards from Vista Print and hand them out whenever I catch someone being kind. I try to find someone every time I go out and about. It keeps me looking for and expecting to find, kindness. And in return, I am more kind.

    To see my “smile” card go to and click on the Positivity Project button in the menu on the left. I also have several links to other positive sites there, including one back here to the Good News Network!

    So make some ripples today and remember to smile!

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