After Dani moved her mom with dementia across the country in order to care for her, the 85-year-old became despondent and depressed. A comic and author, Dani Klein Modisett had earlier discovered that the principles of stand-up comedy could save her marriage, and wrote a book about it. She suddenly realized that the ‘medicine’ for saving her mother from emotional and mental detachment was laughter. Now her “Laughter on Call” service is helping other seniors.

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On The Show:

•  Get a Lightening Round of the latest Good News from GNN Founder Geri-Weis-Corbley.

•  Producer Anthony Samadani co-hosts the live in-studio interview with this week’s guest, comedian and author Dani Klein Modisett, Founder of ‘Laughter On-Call,’ which brings the medicine of laughter to seniors and dementia patients; and author of “Take My Spouse, Please” based on the principles of comedy that saved her marriage.

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