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A pair of firemen in Bolingbrook, Illinois had a hard time getting their grocery shopping in the bag last week when duty called not once, but twice, in the middle of their errand.

Firefighters usually shop for their fire station’s food while on duty, taking along their truck or ambulance in case they need to respond quickly to a call.

After having to abandon their cart mid-store so they could respond to one call, Ryan Klavohn and his partner returned and got as far as the register when they had to drop everything once again to respond to yet another ambulance call.Firefighters FB Saskachewan Govt

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When they returned a third time, they found that everything had been paid for, and a note was waiting for them.

The handwritten message from the anonymous stranger said, “It was my pleasure to pick up your grocery tab today,” and expressed thanks to all the firefighters at the station for their service.

The local union posted the note on its Facebook page.

“It’s not only surprising and humbling, but the fact that someone took their hard-earned money and spent it on us is inspiring,” Klavohn told ABC News. “It’s just a testament to the great people in our community that we have the privilege to serve.”

(READ more at ABC News) – Photo Credit: Bolingbrook Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 3005, Facebook

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